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To industrial hardware product design, manufacturing, sales-centric business
activities, strict compliance with laws, regulations, continues to meet the customer
needs to create the performance, quality, clearly recognize that protecting the global
environment is the subject of mankind and is committed to promoting environmental
protection activities. In addition, the company also improved through regular quality,
environmental management system, so that continued upward, to become a positive
contribution to the society's business.


Quality Policy
1. To improve customer satisfaction.
2. To jointly develop new products that meet customer requirements and to improve
     the speed of product supply.
3. Efforts to improve the design quality, and cooperation factories manufacturing
    quality and sales service quality and take preventive measures.
4. Accidents happen, the rapid mapping, and to take measures to prevent recurrence.


Environmental Policy
1. New product development from design stage to fully consider the impact on the
    environment, prevent environmental pollution.
2. Actively promote the non-use of raw materials to increase the environmental burden.
3. Does comply with environmental regulations and the Company agreed with the
    other requirements.
4. Is committed to actively promote environmental management activities and
    continuous improvement.
5. Environmental policy, the implementation of all employees to suppliers to convey
    the same time, open to outside the company.

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