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1518 Series





·Technical Parameter

Gerenal Specification:

Item Specification/Condition
 Model 1518-3226-20
Dimension See Drawing
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Operating Voltage DC 12V+20%
Power consumption 3.6W
Rated current ≤300MA
IP Rate  IP65
Access Way  Mechanical key+Remote+Card Read
Pry proof level  RC 3
Fire rating  UL94-V0
Cylinder Type  European profile Cylinder
Drive Way Solenoid
 Weight 0.9KG



Parts Specification

Name Material Finish
 Housing Zinc Alloy

Black textured Power Coated

 Handle Zinc Alloy Black textured Power Coated
Cam Mild Steel Zinc Plated
Cylinder Copper Nickel plated
Mounting Bracket PA+30%GF Natural


Hardware Specification

Name Specification
Hardware platform MCU    ARM 32-bit Cortex(TM)-M3 CPU Core
Communication chip EXAR(艾科嘉)  SP3485EEN




Name Specification
RS485 Support
DO/DI Support
Bluetooth Customized
WiFi Customized
Zigbee Customized
NB-IoT Customized



硬件接口Hardware Interface

Name Specification
LED  External connection
Buzz MLT-9650
External connection GH1.25-8P母座 Female joint



Environment Specification

Item Specification/Condition
Operating Conditions

Temperature-40 ~+65℃

Humidity5 ~ 90%

Storage Conditions

Temperature-40 ~+80℃

Humidity0 ~ 90%

Elevation height Elevation-60m~4000m 
Time of warranty for electronic parts 3 years @ 25℃/ 85% Relative humidityRH
Time of warranty  for mechanical parts 3 years @ 25℃/ 85% Relative humidityRH
Packing Vibration Test Packing Condition: X,Y,Z 3 directions, 1.1G load vibration test for 30 min no serious damaged.
Packing Shock Proof Test 1coner,3edges, 6faces natural drop from 60cm high packing no serious damaged.


·Operation Instructions



  • Open the IoT Lock with Remote control

  When the IoT Lock receives the unlock signal from the access unit, the indicator light on the lock turns green and the buzzer sounds, at this time the IoT Lock is in the state of being opened; Press the handle lightly, the handle pops up automatically, the LED lights turn off, and the lock opens;Rotate the handle to drive the locking mechanism such as cam and attached rod to complete the opening action. 



  •  Open the IoT Lock with Card read

   Close the the authorized card to the area of card read . At this time, the buzzer sounds and the LED light turns green. Press the handle lightly, and the lock is opened.



  • Open with Mechanical key

 Use the key to rotate 180° clockwise, pull the handle to open.












Monitor Center

· Equipment Information overview


· Display lock status by color change


· Real-time alarm alerts


· Powerful search query function to get rapid positioning

of the lock



Equipment Management

· Set the lock area


· Manage lock and control unit




User Management

· User authority management


· User department management




Task Management 

·Task dispatching



Records query

· Operation record query

·  Alarm record query




Data Analysis

· Data analysis of unlocking

· Data analysis of temperature and humidity




· Packing List

No. Accessories Describe Unit Q.ty Note
1 IoT lock PCS 1
2 Key PAIR 1 L=2m
3 Connecting wire PCS 1
4 Inner pentagon with hole screwdriver PCS 1
5 Card PCS 2
6 Hex Head Cap Screw PCS 1  




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